Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Which internet browser can be used?

All of the internet browsers that contain java scripts can be used. By using different browsers the look of the questionnaire might be slightly different.

Why do I need to enter the code for giving access (PIN)?  

The code for access (PIN) is used for safety, which means that only people who are part of the sample will enter the research. Also the code allows you  to stop the answering at any time and then to log on again and continue with it.

What will happen with my answers?

During the data collection period, your answers will be stored in a data base server that is property of the Ministry of Education and Science. Your personal information as your address and e-mail address will not be kept in this data base in order to protect the anonymity of your answers.

When is the information saved?

The information is saved only by leaving the page by pressing on the “previous page” or “next page”.

Can I change my answers? 

You can change the answers of the questionnaire at any time. Only the last selected option for each of the questions will be saved in to the data base.

Can I continue with the questionnaire later?

You can turn off the online questionnaire at any time. If you continue later, all of the previous answers will be saved.

Can I be identified trough the data as educational program, or institution?          

The presentation of the results will be done in such a way that no one individually can be recognized. For example, if in some of the study programs there is only one female, the results will be not stratified by gender.



This web page will be frequently updated during the time for/on research