The survey of former graduates in the educational programs is called tracer study or public opinion research of former pupils and students. In some countries they use the terms as surveying of alumni (USA), survey for following or system for career following of former pupils/students. Macedonian tracer study is conducted with questionnaire that uses questions and standardized answers which are already tested and used in many questionnaires, and this allows high quality for the measures (validity and probability), and the conditions for comparing the results of from the study with other studies are met.

 As all of the tracer studies, the Macedonian tracer study should give answers to the next questions:             

  • What happens with the pupils/ students after they finish  their education and leave the educational institution?
  • Could they find a paid job in a suitable time limit?
  • Do they use the knowledge and the skills they have gained in the educational institution? If it’s not so, why?
  • Which skills and competencies are asked from them on the market of labor?                                                  

These kinds of questions are usually targeted with the two main aims of the tracer study:

  1. To measure the employment capacity for graduated pupils/students (information from the market of labor). Crucial connected subjects:
  • Condition with employment;
  • Time necessary to achieve first employment;
  • Time duration for job searching;
  • Salary;
  • Position;
  • Economic sector
  • Main working tasks/ occupations;
  • Work time
  • Job contentment ;
  • Applying the competencies and necessary competences;
  • Usefulness of the educational program.

2. To get a direct answer (feedback) from the pupils/ students who have finished their education for improvement of the study program (retrospective evaluation)