The Macedonian tracer study uses questionnaires which will be completed by the graduates (online questionnaires).

Each of the respondents (pupils/students) will get a link of the survey on their e-mail address.

The e-mail that will be sent by the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science, will contain a unique pin code that will  be used  only by one exact graduate, and with that pin code the graduate will access the online form of the questionnaire . The online questionnaire has few types of questions:

  • Questions on which you can concisely answer by selecting only one of the suggested answers;
  • So called open questions, on which you can answer by writing a short answer;
  • Questions with multiple answers,in which case the respondent is answering by selecting few of the given options.                      

Because this type of questionnaires don’t need the use of the interviewer, the questions are well developed and tested, so that they could be clear to the respondents and they can  easily be answered with no necessity of further explanation.